In 2008 09, he registered 11 of his 19 goals with the man

Show goozles Barrett and tosses him into Heath Slater on the apron. Justin Gabriel distracts Show slowing Ezekiel Jackson to sneak in and knock Show down with a clothesline. Barrett covers as the ref comes back to life but only gets two. There are a few that spring to mind but I always come back to my first real jaw dropperA woman had received food stamps, medicaid, and cash welfare for her and 7 children for a year. Anyway I got an alert from a case worker saying that one of the kids wasn in the home because the father had applied for food stamps in another state.After doing some digging it turned out none of the children were living with this woman. She was actually running a daycare center and was applying using the info of the kids she was taking care of.In told she received about $10,000 in food stamps, $8,000 in cash welfare, and over $20,000 in medical bills paid through medicaid fraudulently.

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